Why Bow Creek Addiction Recovery Center?

Why Bow Creek Addiction Recovery Center?

Bow Creek & Bella Vista
Treatment Homes

We know that making the decision as to which addiction recovery center is the very best for you is a major and very personal decision. Bow Creek & Bella Vista addiction recovery centers offer a holistic approach that starts with a supportive, homelike environment for your sobriety, and goes on to support your own personal ability to create a life, as you want it to be.

Our addiction recovery centers are naturally healing

Located on 100 acres of beautiful Idaho open space, our Bow Creek treatment centers are nestled in calm and peaceful setting. You will be surrounded with the rolling hills and pasture land of Idaho’s magnificent Treasure Valley.

Bow Creek have lush manicured lawns and verdant mature trees. Spaces for meditative enjoyment and simple quiet are abundant. We feel this is important for the centering process of mind, body, and spiritual healing that takes place in our addiction recovery centers.

Peaceful settings at Bow Creek and Belle Vista Recovery Bow Creek features a spacious deck overlooking a pond and waterfall. You will be able to relax, and enjoy the quiet peace of these water features from our gazebo, complete with swing. Calm and contemplation are essential to your recovery. Rediscovering yourself, and your health, are an important part of the journey.

Bow Creeks’s drug recovery center sits on a knoll, and offers outstanding views of the rolling Idaho hills. You will enjoy amazing sunrises that touch the wide-open skies with wonderful bursts of pink, red, gold, and orange. Bella Vista addiction recovery center is also on top of a gentle hill, with spectacular views of the valley and mountains beyond.

Our winter landscape has its own unique and breathtaking views. The trees stand majestically with open limbs reaching to the sky, framing bolder winter sunrises.

On occasion, Bow Creek get a light dusting of snow, and you’ll enjoy your own magical wonderland during your recovery stay with us. The snow only lasts for a few moments in time, for our viewing pleasure. You can also enjoy the squirrel’s antics and the many birds, including the possibility of little quail running up and down the hills.

Beautiful Facilities

Bow Creek are beautiful homes in which to live while you learn to maintain your new chosen life of sobriety. Our residences offer comfortable living spaces with sitting areas for quiet contemplation, or for sharing with your fellow group members. Enjoy playing games or making puzzles in our game rooms. Our addiction recovery centers are your home while you are with us.

Fantastic & Healthy Food

Bow Creek & Belle Vista Recovery  has great foodBeautiful and nutritious food is specially prepared by our professional chef, using fresh ingredients filled with vitality. Nutrition is an important part of the addiction recovery process. Our chef is constantly creating new menus that offer a variety of amazing dishes. He is happy to modify and create alternative dishes for those with special dietary needs.

In addition, while he shares some of his favorite creations, our chef hopes that you will bring and share a favorite recipe for him to try out!

Loving & Supportive Environment

Bow Creek & Bella Vista Recovery Centers create the loving space and supportive environment for each person who comes to us for help with their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Healthy and peaceful surroundings are healing, so at Bow Creek & Bella Vista we provide them in abundance.

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