Distilling Hand Sanitizer

Teens And Addicts Are Distilling Hand Sanitizer

Reports are coming in from all over the country of emergency rooms treating patients who have been abusing alcohol based hand sanitizers.  They are consumed due to their high ethanol content, easy availability and low price.  However, drinking hand sanitizer is a dangerous business, and becomes even more so when mixed with other over the counter products like mouth wash, or even worse when it is distilled with salt.

Hand SanitizerDistilling hand sanitizer with salt is becoming a serious problem, and news of it is sweeping the nation.  Details on the process can be found all over the internet, and it actually raises the alcohol content to over 100%!  That means only a few shots of this dangerous mixture can induce the same effects as a larger dose of traditional alcohol.

The appeal of this for teens and addicts is the ready availability of both the hand sanitizer and the mixing or distilling components used to increase the already high volume of alcohol.  Also the low cost makes is easily accessible for most any budget.

Health Risks

The health risks of using distilled hand sanitizer are not fully evident yet, but there are certain dangers already associate with it including organ damage, diarrhea and mental impairment or blindness.   Often these conditions are permanent and can even be fatal.  A number of crimes have been committed by persons under the influence of hand sanitizer concoctions, and police in some states are attributing homicides to its use.

Please be aware of the risks associated with alcohol based hand sanitizer with regards to teens and those suffering from the disease of addiction.  Consider switching to non-alcohol based hand cleansing products, and keep a watch for anyone you have concerns about possibly distilling hand sanitizer with salt as this is an exceedingly dangerous undertaking.

Please call us at 1-888-505-1969 for more information.

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