Wendy Williams Shares Her Story of Addiction and Recovery

wendy williamsThe loss of Whitney Houston to her own drug addiction and demons spurred media personality Wendy Williams to share her own personal struggle with drugs. Williams’ cocaine addiction that she had in her 20s has never been a secret, but when Whitney Houston succumbed to her own drug abuse, Williams wanted to share her story of healing and recovery with her audience as a way to memorialize Houston. Williams also hopes that her story may help others avoid suffering a fate such as Houston’s.

Her Addiction

Williams’ career began in radio in the 1980s, rather than television, and she kicked things off by working as a DJ for Northern University’s WRBB. Her career trajectory wasn’t the only thing that began in college — Williams also began experimenting with drugs during that formative time.

Always focused and plotting her future from a young age, the witty young woman did in fact find her passion when she first held the DJ microphone in hand. After college, she started her radio career at a radio station in St. Croix then moved on to a station in Washington, D.C., which was where her descent into drug addiction began. Williams began experimenting with cocaine, which was soon a habit that she took with her to her next radio job in New York City and for the following 10 years.

During those dark years, no one would have suspected that Williams was suffering from addiction. Her clever mind, sharp tongue and business savvy seemed to trump the ravages that she privately fought during that time. Her bold on-air personality was never suppressed due to her addiction. Such was the talk show host’s passion and commitment to her career and all that was involved with it.

Williams went on to interview the creme de la creme of the hip-hop industry, asking questions that others feared to even flirt with. Her success gave her the continuing access to cocaine over the years. There was no reason for her to stop taking drugs since there was no visible adverse effect. Though Williams was a functioning addict, those around her did realize she had a problem, but once again, the fact that she continued showing up gave her, and others, no sense of urgency.

Her Turning Point

Finally, at around the time that Williams turned 30, she met her future husband, and love proceeded to change everything. Being a functioning addict suddenly wasn’t good enough to stack up against falling in love with Kevin Hunter. With Hunter’s love and support, along with her desire to hold onto that love and support, Williams found the inner strength to release herself from her cocaine addiction. Her intelligence and power, which was there all along, was ignited to save herself once she realized she had something for which she wanted to be wholly present and to whom she wanted to fully commit herself.

The often saucy talk host has been sober going 18 years now and has been married to Kevin Hunter for the past 15 years. Williams continues to enjoy a life free of drugs, full of love and continuing professional success.

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